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Ally Liner - White

$400.00 / Sold Out

This white Ally liner runs quick (around 150 unloaded/130 loaded) with a medium-hard hit and a medium stroke. Weighs 7.7 ounces

I would use this ideally for 7's - 9's at around 9 volts, but it does nice work with a 5 as well with a little less voltage.

I only sell my machines to professional tattoo artists with proof of employment in a legitimate shop, no exceptions, and no apprentices. If I don't know you personally be sure to add a note in the comments box regarding where you work when checking out. Attempts to purchase by non-professionals will be refunded.

I started building handmade tattoo machines in 2008.

I am currently building exclusively on my "Ally" frame, which I designed in 2012. These machines are made by myself, one at a time. I wind the coils by hand and cut the springs myself. All the pieces on these machines are made in the USA. I use each machine on at least one tattoo to make sure it is tuned and running properly before offering it for sale.

Frame design © 2012 Lisa Orth