Lisa Orth
A creative polymath, Lisa began her artistic path in Seattle as a graphic designer and art director. In the late 80s, she worked for such luminary cultural institutions as Sub Pop Records, COCA (the Center on Contemporary Art), and legendary local music magazine The Rocket. As the first official Art Director for Sub Pop, she designed Nirvana’s first records and their now iconic logo, helping to define the grunge aesthetic of the time.

She co-founded a design agency in Seattle, where she served as Creative Director and got her first introduction to coding. In 2007 she left the design field for tattooing, developing her unique linework-based style that garnered her international acclaim and a devoted client base. (Check out her tattooing website at lisaorth.com)

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down tattooing and other in-person art forms in 2020, Lisa turned her attention to creating digital art and exploring the world of blockchain technology. Since entering the NFT art space, she has dedicated herself to creating abstract generative art using processing and p5.js, a JavaScript library that makes coding accessible to artists and designers. Lisa's code-based creations have gained a large and devoted following, with collectors acquiring her art across various platforms and ecosystems. Her generative art has been exhibited internationally, including exhibitions at Art Basel Paris + and NFT Show Europe.